Will Former Victims of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Receive Justice after his Pardon?

Former Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was pardoned by President Trump in 2017. Sheriff Arpaio is the first person to receive a pardon from the president during his brief time in office. When Trump allowed Arpaio to get off the hook, many people were upset by his decision.

In 2016, the former sheriff was accused of racially profiling Latino Americans. He was found contempt for violating a 2013 court order that told him to stop this illegal practice. Sheriff Arpaio and his leading deputies pretended like they did not fully understand the court order.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the southwest area were truly saddened by the president’s action. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and

Sheriff Arpaio ran for the senate in 2017 on the Republican ticket. He endorsed Donald Trump for president. He literally influenced thousands in the Arizona state to vote for him. Arpaio’s efforts were apparently rewarded by the president in the form of a pardon.

President Trump has been quoted saying that Sheriff Arpaio is an American patriot. Many of Arpaio’s victims do not feel the same.

Arpaio’s tenure as sheriff lasted for 24 years. During this time, he racially profiled Latino people. He created makeshift prison camps that had inhumane conditions. Allegedly thousands of people suffered and a few of them were even killed while they were detained inside of the jails that Arpaio operated.

He also purposely botched criminal investigations, misallocated funds and illegally imprisoned innocent people. Ultimately, Arpaio violated many people’s constitutional rights. Jim Larkin is one of those individuals.

Larkin owns half of the Phoenix New Times which is a prominent periodical in Arizona. In 2007, he and the paper’s co-founder, Michael Lacey, were both illegally arrested and detained by Sheriff Arpaio. The corrupt lawman did not want the two men reporting anything about his practices.

Larkin and his partner were kept in jail for less than a day. There was a huge public outcry behind their arrest. As a result, the men were immediately released. They later went to court and eventually won a huge settlement. They used most of this money to start the Frontera Fund which helps migrants and immigrants to maintain their rights.

Jim Larkin gave his insight into the pardon of the sheriff by the President. He believes that Arpaio purposely made friends with the president to ensure that he could get away with his crimes.

While President Trump does not necessarily endorse everything that Arpaio is accused of doing; he certainly has some of the same views as the former sheriff. Both men have similar ideas and points of views when it comes to illegal immigration situation in America.

Larkin realizes that Trump’s pardon of Arpaio will allow the former sheriff to get away with wrongdoing. However, he does believe that the former sheriff will no longer be a threat like he was in the past. Sheriff Arpaio has lost his bid for reelection as sheriff in 2016.

He no longer has the power or authority to harm people like he did in the past. Many of Arpaio’s victims also realize this truth. Still, they would have been more satisfied by seeing Joe Arpaio jailed and detained for his crimes.

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