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Waiakea Water Develops Degradable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea Water, by founder Ryan Emmons, is revolutionizing the bottled water industry is a most profound way. This bottled water product is 100% sustainable and naturally processed. His water source an aquifer of snowmelt from the peaks of the Mona Loa volcano and filtered through thousands of feet of porous lava. This turns the water alkaline as it gathers healthy minerals in a natural process. The water is naturally infused with electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and almost the ideal amount of 30mg of silica. The result is a delicious tasting water with a soft pleasing texture. Some bottled water companies have minerals and are ionized but these have been added during the processing.

Waiakea currently bottles the water in bio-friendly packaging that is undergoing improvement. By the end of 2018, his water will be packaged in a more environmentally and human-friendly plastic than is on the market today. After 1200 experiments, a 15-year breakdown of a plastic bottle has been achieved. This is a vast improvement over the current plastic bottle used today. Hopefully, this new form of plastic will take hold on a broad scale and plastic bottles will become less of an environmental problem. This plastic is also recyclable and is a high-quality product. It well may become the plastic packaging formula for the future.

Waiakea Water is quickly finding its way in the marketplace since it’s beginning in 2012. Bottled water is a fierce market to compete in but this company is on the fast track with over 4,000 times growth in 3 years. Part of the fascination with this company is its vision and foundation. It began with a desire for a global impact. Waiakea partnered with Pump Aid, a non-profit organization that helps to bring clean water to communities in rural Africa.

Companies like Waiakea Water that have products and goals dedicated to being safe, eco-friendly, healthy and low impact are a model for our businesses in the future. Supporting the growth of these types of innovative companies can assure that consumers are making a strong choice for our future global wellbeing.