Shoot For The Stars With Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University represents excellence, passion, determination and ingenuity. This unique school has produced an enormous amount of talent since its inception of the early 1900s. Being located in beautiful San Francisco, the student here receive a daily dose of excitement and historic attributes. On a bi-annual basis, Academy of Art University travels across the country for New York Fashion Week, and it has made a name for itself by doing so. Many of its former-students have gone on to exciting careers in fine art, entertainment, liberal arts and design.


Here at New York Fashion Week, each entry will get a 15-minute showcase to strut their stuff. This may seem like a very short period of time, but when being compared to all of the preparations that are involved, these 15 minutes can feel like a lifetime. Some of the most prominent names in the business are generally sitting in the audience as well as a boat-load of celebrities. Academy of Art University spared no expense by entering two menswear lines and five womenswear lines. This is truly the future of fashion and these individuals play a critical role in its success.


New York City’s Skylight Clarkson Center was the point of interest. Everyone in the business knows that this is truly the official residence for all things style. Whether the designers were from mainland China, or they were from the coast of Maine, this week-long event hosted numerous individuals from numerous countries.


Some of the most industrial professional work for this academy. Every area of the industry is being touched, especially by the 283 full-time teachers. On top of that, there are over 1,000 part-time teachers here. That’s right! Some of the university’s former-students have gone on to be a part of blockbuster movies such as Sully, Passengers, Deepwater Horizon and Trolls.