Business Leader

Louis Chenevert’s Success in Business

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian investor, entrepreneur, and successful businessman. He was the chairman and the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert holds a degree in Production Management. He worked in general motors and later joined Pratt and Whitney business unit that deals with technologies services where he worked for six years before being elected as the president of the company. As a leader, he has made a lot of achievements in his role in different firms as well as his personal growth. Currently, Louis focuses on investing in technology with a mission of being able to use his knowledge and experience for improvement purpose. He believes that it is not only the right investment in technology that takes a company to a higher level but the investment model employed by the people around the company.
The United Technologies assemble jets that are most advanced in the world and uses them in businesses as well as in the military. The company success is associated with elevator and Escalator Company as well. During that period when Louis Chenevert was the president of the United Technologies Company, engineers worked for the interest of the company. He also helped the company to reach a higher notch.
Louis Chenevert is exceptional in the business industry. The United Technologies Corporation has mainly majored in two principal market areas, building technologies, and aerospace. Through its financial and functional experiences in the field of business, they have been able to control transactions and provide integrated solutions for both commercial purposes and projects that are based on infrastructure around the whole world.
United Technologies Corporation has balanced between their market types and users. According to Louis Chenevert, changing cycles in the commercial and military world would sometimes follow different rhythms that improve revenues. This Company strategically generates its income and returns. Therefore, the company benefits from every stage of the product in the market. Louis Chenevert has taken the lead in making the company have a consistent growth. Louis Chenevert later resigned from his position as the chairman of the United Technologies Corporation and later joined Goldman Sachs in 2015.