Leo Radvinsky Pioneers the Way for Open Source

Enterprising developers have always had problems working with closed source software: it increases the cost of building a product and makes its adoption trickier. As a venture capitalist and tech visionary interested in transforming the tech space, Leonid Radvinsky partnered with Erel Uziel on the B4X software project. His investment set the tone for what B4X software has become, an open source software development suite with a value-first framework.

Uziel’s goal with B4X was for it to become the ultimate tool for technological innovation. He achieved that goal. With B4X, developers can use and run several programming languages on one platform, conserving financial, computing, and hardware resources. Over 100,000 developers were using the B4X platform, but that number was only a fraction of the programmers worldwide. Uziel wanted to make an even bigger impression by easing the coding experience of many more programmers.

How Did Leonid Radvinsky Turn the Table?

Leonid Radvinsky may be a trained economist and seasoned entrepreneur, but his fascination with technology started earlier when he played BASIC-coded games on his grandfather’s i386 PC. Curious about what was next in the tech world, he drew from his understanding of making a product appealing to a broader audience. Radvinsky suggested tweaking B4X to become open source and provided the financing to make this possible.

Developers’ Successes With B4X

A programmer’s career starts with a spark and burns with every completed project. This is the case of Douglas Farias from Brazil. He went from having zero knowledge about writing code to founding an app development company in under a year. Farias went from making a few cents off his first app to becoming a millionaire with a team of seven and creating 500 apps.

What about Xulihang? He wrote an image translation desktop app that has the potential to change how the world consumes anime and manga.

What Does B4X’s Future Look Like?

The switch to open source only cemented B4X’s place as a favorite of many developers. The planned integration of an educational aspect will usher a new generation of developers into the fold and possibly even more impressive innovations.

Best one of the bunch


Both success stories credit open source B4X with making their programming dreams come true.

My edit: Both developers credit open source B4X with making their programming dreams come true.

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