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Kim Dao Goes Shopping in Korea With Beckii and Kelsey

Kim Dao filmed this video her second to last day in London before heading to Denmark. Kim Dao has a friend Vicky, who was going to join them. She wasn’t feeling well. Kim Dao was hoping there’d be no line for the Harry Potter exhibit at the King Crossing Station when she arrived early. Kim Dao saw the Harry Potter exhibit. It had a photo op where people could dress in a Harry Potter  coat and scarf and get a picture taken. There was a store with Harry Potter souvenirs. The store sold Harry Potter books, sweat shirts, T shirts, owls, glasses, hair bands, pencils, stickers, scarves, etc. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her friends had breakfast at O’Neill’s where Dao had some Eggs Benedict, ham, sausage link, and some hot tea. Beckii did not join up with her two friends until after breakfast. After hearing so much about Primark clothing store, Dao joined her two friends to go shopping there. The trio looked over tops, socks, T shirts, pink, glittery makeup brushes, purses of many Harry Potter keepsakes, and of course some Pokémon themed clothing. Dao was disappointed she didn’t find any Harry Potter pajamas. She was told there were more Harry Potter stuff on a lower level. Kim Dao wanted to check through her shopping bag to see which items she really wanted, but not without buying Eric some socks with the Union Jack on them she found tacky. She returned most of the thing she was going to buy. Learn more:


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