How Dick DeVos has been supporting Charitable Activities

Dick DeVos is a well-established businessman and entrepreneur who is based in Michigan. He is acknowledged in the state and across the country for his generosity. Dick comes from a wealthy family. His father, Richard DeVos, of the proprietor of Orland Magic and Amway. The businessman’s wife is Betsy DeVos, who serves as the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Education. The couple is devoted to charity undertakings, and they act as co-chairs of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They founded the charity organization to facilitate Christian missions, education, and politics. The DeVos family has also funded the Republican Party for years and have assisted it in implementing policies. Betsy also comes from a wealthy family that owns an automobile parts manufacturer, which is known as the Prince Corporation.


Amway is one of the leading manufacturers of healthcare products. The company uses network marketing in selling its products. Its total revenue in the 2016 financial year was estimated to be about $9.5 million. Amway offered Dick DeVos his first job in 1979. In 1984, the company acknowledged his performance and promoted him to act as its VP. He was then hired by Orlando Magic, which is an NBA club, to serve as its CEO as from 1991. Dick worked at the club for two years before he started his company, the Windquest Group, in 1993.


In 2006, the Republican Party offered Dick DeVos a ticket to run for the governorship position in Michigan. He was committed to using the office to improve the lives of the residents. In his manifesto, Dick intended to improve the state’s business environment by the reviewing the taxation rates. He also wanted offer better education to the people of Michigan by giving more funds to the sector. The winner of the election in that year was a Democratic Party candidate, Jennifer Granholm. DeVos had excellent policies that enabled him to attract support from various organizations including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation is appreciated in Michigan and many other American states for its role in improving the education system. It has offered millions of dollars to facilitate the operations of public, charter, and Christian schools. Dick is highly appreciated for the financial aid he has offering to the less privileged students through the Education Freedom Fund. The organization was created to provide educational grants. The philanthropist’s foundation gave $11.6 million to support charitable causes in 2016.


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