Gregory Aziz: Successful Innovator in the Railway Business

Gregory James Aziz has a remarkable reputation in the steel railway car industry. He is the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, a leading railroad, tank, and freight car manufacturing company. Greg Aziz has led the way in making this organization a top competitor in the railcar industry.


Gregory J. Aziz and national Steel Car Limited can both be found in Hamilton Ontario. For over a hundred years, National Steel Car has been a significant force in the design and development of railway cars of all types. For almost a quarter of a century, the driving force behind the company has been Mr. Aziz. Fascinated by the business world by the age of 19, he began attending Ridley College to pursue his vocational interests. From there, he moved on to Western University of Ontario to pursue and obtain a degree in Economics. Armed with this training, he was preparing himself to step into a position of leadership. His knowledge of technology, engineering, and business enabled him to step into the role of CEO in 1994. Since then, the company has boomed.


Under his watch, the company has continued to grow exponentially. It received the TTX SECO award in 1996. Gregory Aziz is known internationally as a master of innovation in the field of railway car design and distribution. He turned a business that was in a gradual decline into top-notch global powerhouse.


Gregory Aziz’s influence and leadership turned the operations of National Steel Car around. With Mr. Aziz at the helm, this struggling business increased production dramatically. The company then increased its railway car manufacturing numbers from 3,500 vehicles to 12,000 vehicles. This impressive increase happened within 4 years of his taking the reins at National Steel Car. This company now dominates the railway car industry. See Related Link for more information.


Part of Gregory Aziz’s secret to success is his management style. Much of his management strategy centers upon the interests of his employees and he is dedicated to creating an excellent work environment for his people. He is a great proponent of innovation, individual contributions, and allowing his employees to think outside of the box. He is well liked and respected both by his employees and his customers. Perhaps it is his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has allowed this organization to flourish. At any rate, Gregory Aziz has lifted national Steel Car to a new level of success and has boosted the confidence of those who do business with him.