Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car’s Dramatic and Impressive Growth

A meticulous report about Gregory James Aziz would not be enough in a short article. There’s a lot of topics to tackle and angles to consider, and that’s because Gregory J Aziz is one of the many successful and talked-about personalities in business today. For one, he’s one of the few businessmen who lead a large multinational company, and he’s the CEO of National Steel Car. Let’s talk about him more below.



The Engineering Leadership


One of the outstanding bits that you probably already learned about Greg James Aziz’s involvement with National Steel Car is the fact that he’s able to grow National Steel Car into a number one railroad freight car manufacturer in Canada and across North America. It might be because of Greg Aziz’ involvement that National Steel Car has reached the heights that it has right now. It may also be because of how Greg Aziz’ was able to apply what he learned at Ridley College, where he graduated, to his leadership roles in National Steel Car that gave the unimaginable growth that the company experienced.



Because of such mastery in engineering, it may be safe to say that National Steel Car was able to grow its production from 3,500 cars to about 12,000 vehicles in 1999, which are figures that you can find at Greg Aziz’ official website. It’s also nice to know that after such improvements in the engineering programs and methods in the company, there are now almost 3,000 jobs that have been employed by National Steel Car. If there’s one thing that businesses like National Steel Car provide, it’s the fact that more people can enjoy the wealth and profits that are by-products of risk-takers like Greg Aziz. With National Steel Car’s engineering improvements, more people would enjoy this prosperity. Get Additional Information Here.



The Training That Got Greg Aziz To Where He Is


An analysis of Mr. Aziz would be incomplete without factoring in the experience that he got from Affiliated Foods in 1971, which is the company that his father owns. Because of such experience, he’s able to expand his knowledge of business management, employee relations and company operations that would be instrumental in delivering quality service when he later would work for National Steel Car. Which is what indeed happened. When he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, he transformed the company into becoming North America’s leading manufacturer of freight cars and railroad vehicles.