Will Former Victims of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Receive Justice after his Pardon?

Former Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was pardoned by President Trump in 2017. Sheriff Arpaio is the first person to receive a pardon from the president during his brief time in office. When Trump allowed Arpaio to get off the hook, many people were upset by his decision. In 2016, the former sheriff was accused of racially profiling Latino Americans. He was found contempt for violating a 2013 court order that told him to stop this illegal practice. Sheriff Arpaio and his leading deputies pretended like they did not fully understand the court order. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the southwest area were truly saddened by the president’s action. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and Sheriff Arpaio ran for the senate in 2017 on the Republican ticket. He endorsed Donald Trump for president. He literally influenced thousands in the Arizona state to vote for him….


Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car’s Dramatic and Impressive Growth

A meticulous report about Gregory James Aziz would not be enough in a short article. There’s a lot of topics to tackle and angles to consider, and that’s because Gregory J Aziz is one of the many successful and talked-about personalities in business today. For one, he’s one of the few businessmen who lead a large multinational company, and he’s the CEO of National Steel Car. Let’s talk about him more below.     The Engineering Leadership   One of the outstanding bits that you probably already learned about Greg James Aziz’s involvement with National Steel Car is the fact that he’s able to grow National Steel Car into a number one railroad freight car manufacturer in Canada and across North America. It might be because of Greg Aziz’ involvement that National Steel Car has reached the heights that it has right now. It may also be because of how…


Gregory Aziz: Successful Innovator in the Railway Business

Gregory James Aziz has a remarkable reputation in the steel railway car industry. He is the Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, a leading railroad, tank, and freight car manufacturing company. Greg Aziz has led the way in making this organization a top competitor in the railcar industry.   Gregory J. Aziz and national Steel Car Limited can both be found in Hamilton Ontario. For over a hundred years, National Steel Car has been a significant force in the design and development of railway cars of all types. For almost a quarter of a century, the driving force behind the company has been Mr. Aziz. Fascinated by the business world by the age of 19, he began attending Ridley College to pursue his vocational interests. From there, he moved on to Western University of Ontario to pursue and obtain a degree in Economics. Armed with this training, he was…

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein Is The Head Of Several Israeli American Foundations

Adam Milstein is a partner at Hagar Pacific Properties where her works as a real estate investor and is a well-known Israeli-American activist. Adam Milstein was born in Israel to parents who immigrated from Mexico and Argentina. Before moving to America, he served in the Israeli Defense Force where he participated in the Yom Kippur War where he crossed the Suez Canal to assist in the encirclement of the Egyptian Army. After moving to America, Adam Milstein attended the University of Southern California where he received a Masters of Business Administration. He quickly began working as a real estate agent with a focus on commercial real estate. He found success in this field as was able to quickly work his way to being a business partner. He is married with two children and three grandchildren. Adam Milstein strongly identifies with his Israeli heritage and his Jewish-American lifestyle. He was worked…

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Bob Reina Builds on Talk Fusion Success With New Marketing Release

When it comes to marketing, change is always coming. Talk Fusion is one of the more prominent video marketing companies on the internet. The success of Talk Fusion is derived from the charismatic leadership of CEO/Founder Bob Reina and his constant push to innovate within the industry. Reina’s Talk Fusion is based out of Tampa, FL but they’re products are used all around the world. Reina fell in love with the power of video as a marketing tool and that is what led him to establish the company back in 2007. Learn more about Bob Reina: Nowadays, Talk Fusion continues to bring on countless new Talk Fusion Associates and clients thanks to their continual release of new products. Most recently, Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina announced the new Live Meetings application. The ability to seamlessly connect with a large audience by way of video streaming is integral for companies in…


Unfolding Daniel Mark Harrison’s Life Story

When talking about business and cryptocurrency, it may be a taboo to avoid mentioning Daniel Mark Harrison. Like most say, this name brings respect and commands to any company which is associated with it. His skills buy the profound influence and power associated with Daniel Mark Harrison’s name. For instance, he is a blockchain evangelist who is respected by many people. His other abilities included being an entrepreneur, a businessman and lastly the best author. According to Isabella Kaminska, Harrison is more than what we think he is. For instance, he is an Editor-in-chief and has also authored several books. In his work as a blockchain evangelist, he worked as a Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast and Blockchain evangelist just to mention a few of his skills. Since March 2016, Mr. Harrison has been worked as the managing partner of Monkey Capital. This company is said to be decentralized digital asset and…

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Louis Chenevert’s Success in Business

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian investor, entrepreneur, and successful businessman. He was the chairman and the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert holds a degree in Production Management. He worked in general motors and later joined Pratt and Whitney business unit that deals with technologies services where he worked for six years before being elected as the president of the company. As a leader, he has made a lot of achievements in his role in different firms as well as his personal growth. Currently, Louis focuses on investing in technology with a mission of being able to use his knowledge and experience for improvement purpose. He believes that it is not only the right investment in technology that takes a company to a higher level but the investment model employed by the people around the company. The United Technologies assemble jets that are most advanced in…

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Waiakea Water Develops Degradable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea Water, by founder Ryan Emmons, is revolutionizing the bottled water industry is a most profound way. This bottled water product is 100% sustainable and naturally processed. His water source an aquifer of snowmelt from the peaks of the Mona Loa volcano and filtered through thousands of feet of porous lava. This turns the water alkaline as it gathers healthy minerals in a natural process. The water is naturally infused with electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and almost the ideal amount of 30mg of silica. The result is a delicious tasting water with a soft pleasing texture. Some bottled water companies have minerals and are ionized but these have been added during the processing. Waiakea currently bottles the water in bio-friendly packaging that is undergoing improvement. By the end of 2018, his water will be packaged in a more environmentally and human-friendly plastic than is on the market…

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Learning More about Dr. Avi Weisfogel

It’s common knowledge that sleep deprivation is one of the many conditions that affect the lives of regular people all the time. Thankfully, there are those such as Dr. Avi Weisfogel who have come up with ways to treat it. As many should know, sleep deprivation is just a lack of sleep that can have negative effects on the body. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who is a renowed specialist in sleep apnea, points out that many people who suffer from sleep apnea don’t always fully understand what the condition means for them. He stated that it is especially important for people with the condition to get it cured because not only can it deny people some quality sleep but also lead to other issues such as mood swings. As a result, it is in the best interest of someone with the issue to speak to a medical professional on how…


Sweetgreen’s founders focus on healthy, affordable food options

Fast food chain Sweetgreen serves unique salads for a healthy alternative to burgers for lunch. Its founders, Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru, lamented the lack of healthy options near their alma mater, Georgetown University, so they did something about it. Learn more:   When their first location remained packed through winter break, they knew they had something special. The concept grew from that single restaurant in 2007 to 40 locations at present. Each Sweetgreen uses fresh, organic, local produce. Its founders meet with local farmers before deciding to site a location to ensure an adequate supply chain exists.   “We want to feed more people better food,” Ru told Fortune.   Some well known investors agree there’s a need for its niche. Daniel Boulud, Steve Case and Danny Meyer each invested in the chain.   Sweetgreen doesn’t just serve up different food. It conducts business differently, too. No…