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Bob Reina Builds on Talk Fusion Success With New Marketing Release

When it comes to marketing, change is always coming. Talk Fusion is one of the more prominent video marketing companies on the internet. The success of Talk Fusion is derived from the charismatic leadership of CEO/Founder Bob Reina and his constant push to innovate within the industry.

Reina’s Talk Fusion is based out of Tampa, FL but they’re products are used all around the world. Reina fell in love with the power of video as a marketing tool and that is what led him to establish the company back in 2007. Learn more about Bob Reina:

Nowadays, Talk Fusion continues to bring on countless new Talk Fusion Associates and clients thanks to their continual release of new products. Most recently, Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina announced the new Live Meetings application.

The ability to seamlessly connect with a large audience by way of video streaming is integral for companies in today’s digital age. That is why Talk Fusion has been developing an application that makes it easier than ever to stream video to a large audience of viewers without the inhibitions that software downloads, plugins, and cross-platform issues typically induce.

The Live Meetings application was developed with WebRTC Technology so as to streamline usage between platforms.

WebRTC technology is the way of the future, particularly in the field of video conferencing. WebRTC technology allows developers like Talk Fusion to build a program that is easily accessible and lightning fast. The Live Meetings application can stream to 500 viewers at a time while 15 operators work as hosts during the session.

Live Meetings doesn’t require any sort of download and can be accessed by way of a web address. That’s it. WIth a web address any user can join in on the Live Meeting without having to worry about any preparation on their end, merely point and click.

As we pointed out above, Talk Fusion is all about spreading the word about their video marketing solutions. That is why Talk Fusion opened up Talk Fusion University, an online platform that teaches potential TF associates the way to market Talk Fusion products for in exchange for a commission. Read more: Bob Reina Talk Fusion | Huffington Post and Bob Reina Home Business Magazine

When Talk Fusion continues to put out high-quality products, it makes it even easier for the Talk Fusion associates to succeed.