A Detailed Profile of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer founded a consulting agency called MAIS Consulting. He is also the owner of this Encinitas-based establishment. He is a California native who studied at San Diego to acquire a Public Administration degree. The insurance realm was successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer’s first career destination immediately after his university graduation. 


The insurance firm was called MNP, and during his tenure, it registered outrageous growth to the point of being shortlisted in 2015 by Inc. 5000. After creating MNP Insurance, Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefits Services (MBS) and became its CEO. Initially, MBS was called Quick Link Marketing. MBS interacts with different consumers to enable potential business leads. It is a registered and licensed insurance company and also a marketing establishment. MBS uses an analytical process to find more leads that assure ventures of customers. 


Therefore, it can help companies target certain niches, and so trigger more sales. Krishen Iyer now works as MAIS Consulting firm´s CEO and founder. The consulting company engages in an array of activities like; strategic growth, contracting, company policies, and advertisements. Successful businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer is inquisitive because he seeks advanced ways of upgrading his venture as well as meeting his customers’ needs. 

Krishen’s day involves meeting customers in the morning hours and finding solutions during the other day hours. Krishen Iyer also sets aside some time to participate in altruistic endeavors in his community. Make-A-Wish is among the commonest charities he chips in to offer relief efforts and help the Haitians who suffered a serious earthquake. In his leisure time, Iyer interacts with family members playing tennis, chess, as well as watching soccer.